Winning Streak’s Top 10 Left Fielders in Baseball 2016

Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles May 25,  2011

Here we are, our final field position in our Top 10 2016 list. No doubt these stars move some merchandise in the team stores for their organization. Here are the top 10 left fielders in the game today, and don’t forget to check out our previous lists:

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1 Alex Gordon

Seeing Gordon resign with Kansas City was one of the feel-good stories of the offseason. He’s coming off of an injury year and is about to enter his mid thirties, but Gordon is still the rare all-around talent that made him the face of his franchise and a corner stone of back to back pennant winners.

2 Michael Brantley

Brantley followed up his breakout 2014 with a less stratospheric, but still excellent, performance. Cleveland has to be feeling pretty good about that cheap extension they signed him to…

3 Starling Marte

Now that his power has developed, Marte is essentially Gordon with more speed and less walks. He has quietly been the second best player on three straight Pittsburg playoff teams, but most of that has to do with sharing and outfield with Andrew McCutchen.

4 Yoenis Cespedes

The only pure slugger on this list, Cespedes has had two amazing seasons, one torrid half, and two sub par seasons to his name. It’s hard to tell what you’ll get out of him, but his ceiling is high.

5 Justin Upton

Upton never became the superstar he was projected to be, but he is still a very strong contributor who will usually hit around 25 homers, strike out a lot, walk a lot, and have an OPS somewhere around .800.

6 Carlos Gonzalez

After a disappointing 2014, Gonzalez rebounded to hit 40 homers in 2015. Staying healthy has always been key for the talented slugger. Why Colorado isn’t trading him while his value is high is anyone’s guess.

7 Matt Holliday 

Holliday missed most of 2015 with a leg injury, but he still had a .394 OBP and had a lengthy on base streak before going down. The four homers in 73 games is a troubling sign, but Holliday’s track record indicates he’ll still be a competent hitter if healthy.

8 Christian Yelich

Yellech hit .300, he stole 16 bases, and had a .366 OBP in 2015. He won a Rawlings Gold Glove in 2014. The only reason you haven’t heard of this guy is he plays in Miami.

9 Brett Gardener

Gardner has always been an excellent speed, defense, and OBP threat, but over the last few years he’s added moderate pop to the mix. He’s essentially a slightly better version of teammate Jacoby Ellsbury, while making a fraction as much.

10 David Peralta

Peralta followed up a promising rookie year in Arizona to hit .312 with 17 homers, a .371 OBP, a .522 slugging percentage, and quality defense. If he gets any better, he’ll hit elite territory.

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