Effective Cardio Exercises (That Aren’t Running)


Who doesn’t want to get into better shape? Ok, put your hands down, everyone. Who wants to get into shape, but shudders at the thought of running? Cross country and track people, you are an inspiration to us all. You love to work out, and you love to run. We respect you, more than you can ever know. Just bare in mind, your sport is everyone else’s punishment. It’s the part of practice most athletes dread, and the part of working out the rest of us shudder to think of. For the gym rats out there, you know all of this already. For Joe Everybody looking to get ready for beer league season, here are a few ideas for how to give your body a tune up without running.


Plyometrics are a type of exercise that uses maximum force over a small amount of time. Jumping and squatting are hallmarks of plyometrics, or plyos as they are more commonly called. Anyone looking to get more power has probably run smack into plyos, and they double as strength training and cardio, making plyos a classic win-win.


Swimming is a great cardio workout that keeps your heart pounding and works out the lungs. It also involves many muscles, distributing the workout all around your body. To cap it all off, swimming puts less stress on the joints than running.


This may seem painfully obvious, but just go for a walk. Not a slow, zombie shuffle; we’re talking a nice, brisk pace. You don’t have to pump your arms like a cartoon character to power walk, but make sure to keep your heart rate up. Pop in some music or an audio book, enjoy the fresh air, and take a speedy stroll.

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