Athletes: Make Sure to Avoid Heat Related Illness


We get it; just because it’s hot, you’re not going to stop training. Why would you. That drive is what makes you a great athlete, and it’s something to be commended. At the same time, athlete or not everyone needs to make sure that their health and physical wellbeing comes first. With that in mind, Winning Streak would like to pass down some tips for athletes, coaches, and parents to avoid heat related illnesses.

Now, we aren’t doctors, and this shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. For that, you need to talk to a medical professional, and if you have any indication that you or someone near you has a heat-related illness do not waste any time and seek medical attention immediately. The CDC has several basic guidelines for heat safety that we’d like to pass along to you. warns to avoid working out during times of extreme heat and keep workouts confined to early and late times, not in the middle of the day during the apex of the summer heat. Limit outdoor activity as much as you can and make sure to pace yourself. Wear light clothing and choose shirts that have a light color. Always, ALWAYS make sure to drink lots and lots of water, even when you aren’t thirsty or don’t think you need any.

We at Winning Streak have the privilege of working with athletes all across the St. Louis area from all walks of life, from t-ball to college to beer league. Everyone needs to make sure and take care of their body and watch out for teammates by monitoring their condition. This is serious business, and we all need to pitch in to make this summer season a safe one for the athletes of our fine community. Stay safe out there friends.

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