The Duel Purpose of Custom Apparel for Bars


First of all, happy National Drink Beer Day. For those of you over 21 who like a spot of yellow, fizzy goodness now and then, you know there really isn’t a substitute for good pint. After all, here we are in the St. Louis area, in the shadow of a city that was built on beer, and if you consider that the Lemp brewery used caves beneath St. Louis to store their brew, this city was literally built on top of beer. For you bar owners, sit back, pour a cold one, and drink in the possibility of introducing custom apparel from Winning Streak into your watering hole.

Do we need custom apparel for our staff, or our customers? The answer is yes.

There are really two ways to look at the use of custom apparel for your bar: internal, and external. Internal for use within your bar by your staff, and external for use by your patrons.


Every bar, restaurant, or business of any kind really, needs a uniform. What better way to keep the casual, relaxed feel of a bar then by implementing a branded t-shirt dress code. You staff won’t have to worry about what will comply with your dress code, because it’s explicit: you must wear one of our t-shirts. It’s that simple. Aside from taking care of the uniform problem, having your staff wear branded t-shirts can help boost the image of your bar and entice patrons to get their own shirt, which leads us to:


Some of the most successful bars, from major franchises to popular dives, have branded t-shirts available to customers. They rake in extra cash, and they help build and maintain your brand. T-shirts are also inexpensive prizes to give away during contests and promotions. Let’s say you held a beer pong tournament and needed a prize. You could always give t-shirts to the champions.

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Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll get the ball rolling on your bar’s custom apparel. With our quick turnaround, you won’t have long to wait before you can up your bar’s image with sleek branded custom apparel.

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