How to Get Your Rec League Team Funded

Here's a way to get your rec league teams funded.

Playing recreational sports is pretty sweet. That’s why we won’t shut up about it on this blog. That’s also why we’ve kicked off a series of posts about alternative sports, like dodgeball. Sports like beer league softball, seven on seven, and bar games like darts are great fun that can keep you connected to the sport you love for years, or just give you a fun way to pass time with your friends.

Rec leagues are fun, but they aren’t free and spending money sucks.

Not to be a downer, but your league probably has a registration fee. We know how much spending money sucks, that’s why we’re offering a way for you to get your rec league team funded by someone who isn’t you. That’s why we suggest approaching area businesses to sponsor your team.

If you own your own business, you can sponsor the team and use it as an opportunity to get some public exposure for your brand by putting a logo on the back of your team uniforms. The same goes for your teammate who presents this idea to their boss. You can also canvas local businesses and find one looking to make a splash in the community.

Get your entry fee and uniforms covered.

Once you find a sponsor, try to get them to pay for your team’s league entry fee. If you can’t get them to cover the entry fee, you can at lease get them to foot the bill for your team uniforms. Put their brand’s logo on the back of your uniforms and proudly represent them on the field. When you’re ready to order your uniforms, be it jerseys or custom t-shrits, contact us and our staff will find the perfect fit for your team and your sponsor.

Get social with your home for custom gear for your rec league team.

Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and like us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates from your home for custom apparel in St. Louis. When your rec league team is decked out in custom gear, share a photo with us and we’ll share it with our followers. That’s just a little free publicity that will make your sponsors very happy.

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