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Make Yourself an MVP with Winning Streak

Do you strive to be your team’s MVP this year? What about the Employee of the Month at work? Or better yet, the Top Fundraiser for your school or organization? Winning Streak can make your dream a reality. School starts soon, tryouts are a few weeks away, the new work schedule is coming out and…

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Let Winning Streak Work for You

Part of being a good employee is listening to your boss; making yourself indispensable; doing your “homework” and always having an answer for the tough questions. Those are the qualities that get your dream job – and keep it. Obviously, like all other businesses, the Winning Streak team has a boss too. Our boss tells…

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Adidas . . . Winning Streak . . .What’s in a Name?

When I was a kid playing soccer at the park, I remember proudly wearing my new Adidas sweatshirt. Shortly after telling my friends that my sweatshirt was “new” and that I had gotten it for the new school year, one of my friends offered her a piece of apparel trivia. “You know what Adidas stands…

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Award Your Team with Custom Apparel from Winning Streak

Being a professional athlete conjures images of VIP service, peak physical fitness, and getting to play the game you love for money. Kids and adults dream of making it to the professional level; kids transform their backyards into Busch Stadium and men take YMCA basketball to an ultra-competitive level. What’s the difference between us the…

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Winning Streak Wednesday Highlights Football Fridays

It’s July – sunny, hot, humid July. Not ideal for practice, but the mercy of a “pads only” practice is welcomed by football players of any age. Soon fall will usher in a cooler nights of football, fit for play under the bright lights of a full stadium equipped. It’s hard to believe that high…

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Winning Streak Partners with Adidas for Paint It Pink

Typically when the phrase “women’s issues” comes up, there’s a litany topics from “Equal Pay for Equal Work,” “Raising Strong Daughters,” “Title IX” and the all too well-known topic of “Breast Cancer.” While clearly these issues are female-oriented, we owe it to our mothers, aunts, sisters, girlfriends and wives to make them important to everyone.…

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Play Like A Girl and Support Women’s Sports with Winning Streak

Women’s US Soccer Team Defeats China for World Cup Title There’s certainly been no shortage of this headline since Sunday’s final match in the FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) tournament in Canada.  As 24 teams filtered to two, U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd lead the charge in nearly every match played by our national team.…

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Winning Streak Sales “Teams Up” with Athletic Directors

According to, the preparation and experience to become an athletic director, looks like something like this: Athletic Director Job Description Athletic directors direct athletic activities, supervise the coordination of athletic events and manage athletic department budgets at secondary and postsecondary schools. Outside of these requirements, athletic directors may also participate in revenue development planning…

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