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Custom hoodies are a versatile, useful uniform option for paintball teams.

Custom Hoodies and Paintball: Get the Right Gear

When it comes time to outfit your paintball team, you should be looking for a uniform that is practical, comfortable, and stylish. A bad uniform hinders a teams’ performance. A good uniform stays out of the way. A great uniform is an asset that helps a team reach a higher level of play. We don’t…

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Scholar Bowl Uniforms: Intelligence, Integrity, Class

Not every team takes the field, and many of the greatest human competitions are not physical battles, but skirmishes of the mind. For those of you exercise your mind, for those of you nourish your intellect and use your knowledge to spar with other scholars, you need a simple, yet elegant garb in concert with…

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The Duel Purpose of Custom Apparel for Bars

First of all, happy National Drink Beer Day. For those of you over 21 who like a spot of yellow, fizzy goodness now and then, you know there really isn’t a substitute for good pint. After all, here we are in the St. Louis area, in the shadow of a city that was built on…

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What Merch Means to Local Indie Bands

For many indie bands out there, it can be hard to get by financially. Non musicians don’t realize the expense that musicians take on to give them great music. Besides instruments (which are themselves expensive to buy and maintain), you have little incidental things like strings, mic stands, cables, bigger ticket items like effects and…

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Halloween season is starting up, so the time is now to order your custom Halloween t-shirts.

Halloween T-Shirts: The Time is Now

We have a little over a week left in September. When the calendar flips to October, those of us who love ghost stories, the living dead, graveyards and all manner of horror, it means Halloween season is here. Many businesses and organizations get in on the scary fun. Haunted houses or trails are popular fundraisers,…

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Custom jackets are just what the doctor ordered when the cold comes.

Custom Jackets for Colder Days

With October just around the corner, folks in the St. Louis area can expect to be ready for some cold at some point. With how erratic the local weather can be, you never know which extreme will come. Hot, cold, temperate is rarely the answer, and if it is, it isn’t for long. That’s why…

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There's nothing better than a fitted custom cap.

Fits Like A Glove? More Like, Fits Like a Custom Cap

The expression “fits like a glove” is an odd one. It really should be “fits like a hat.” Sure, adjustable custom hats with velcro or snapbacks are nice, but for many people, there’s no substitute for a classic fitted cap. There are very few fits more satisfying than a perfectly fitted cap. “But wait,” you…

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Stay warm on the sidelines with great gear from Winning Streak and Adidas.

Keep Warm and Look Cool on the Sidelines

Winning Streak and Adidas have the look and performance your sidelines personal need. By the time playoffs roll around, it’s going to be mighty cold standing on the sidelines. For that matter, it may be mighty cold on the sidelines in a few weeks. With the way St. Louis weather works, it may be cold…

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Is there anything better than a cool custom hats?

Custom Hats! Custom Hats!

Sorry for the headline…but come on, hats! We at WhoopTee don’t use exclamation points haphazardly, so the fact that this post is lead by three of them should be an indication of just how excited we are about getting a custom hat on your head. Custom hats are cool, stylish, and timeless. Caps are right there…

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Don't go into your chili cook off without custom chili cook off t-shirts.

Hot, Spicy, Chiii Cook Off T-Shirts

Here we are, folks, knocking on the Fall’s door. Summer may be on the way out, but that’s no reason to get depressed. Let’s not forget all the great things fall brings us in the St. Louis area. Pumpkin spiced everything, haunted houses, falling leaves, Oktoberfest, and of course, the OG of fall community events,…

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