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Chicago is world champions, powered by a pair of start athletes using Adidas. Start your winning streak today with custom Adidas apparel.

Curses, Championships, and Custom Adidas Apparel

Last night, baseball fans witnessed history. After 108 years of heartbreak, Chicago has its world championship. All those years of goats, black cats, and Bartmans are behind them. Now comes the hardest part: keeping that success rolling. It’s one thing to win, its another to keep a winning streak alive. Success has defeated many teams.…

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We Could All Use More Sportsmanship

It seems like society is becoming an increasingly angry place. What we could all use during times when emotions run high is the healing power of sports, especially at the youth level. Children from early on are molded as much socially and emotionally by sports as they are physically. That’s why a great emphasis on…

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