3 Athletes You Didn’t Know Were from St. Louis

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Winning Streak is proud to offer screen printing and embroidery to the St. Louis metro area. In that spirit, we’d like to take a moment to recognize three athletes you may not have known were from St. Louis.

Yogi Berra 

Yogi was born in St. Louis and grew up on The Hill. He may be known more today for his infectious personality and so-called “Yogi-isms”, but his Hall of Fame resume should not be forgotten. If you want a little perspective on Yogi’s accomplishments in New York, here’s something to chew on; Yogi has thirteen championship rings as a player and manager. That’s a two more championships personally than our club in St. Louis has over it’s entire 100+ year existence…and we’re number two all time! He was an eighteen-time All-Star, and a three-time MVP.

Jeremy Maclin

Though he plays on the other side of the state in Kansas City (which, lets be honest people, is the closest place to St. Louis that anyone is playing football…ouch), but Jeremy Maclin actually grew up in Kirkwood, Missouri. The former All-American and Pro Bowler played football and basketball at Kirkwood. Maclin is one of several significant alumni of Kirkwood, including several other big league pro athletes, former Senator Jim Talent, and actor Scott Bakula.

Lou Thesz

While many people know that the Orton family, including WWE Hall of Famer “Cowboy” Bob Orton and his son, 11-time world champion and current star Randy Orton, are from St. Louis, many people don’t know that Lou Thesz was also. Although he was born in Michigan, Lou Thesz grew up in St. Louis. He may not be as household a name as Hulk Hogan, but Lou Thesz is one of the most important figures in pro wrestling history. He held the NWA Championship for a record ten years, and is credited with inventing the german suplex, the STF (currently used by John Cena), and the powerbomb.

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