Rally Your Student Body with Custom Towels


There’s nothing like your favorite team making it to the playoffs in October. The sights,  the sounds -beer and hotdogs vendors yelling out requests.  The rest of Cardinal nation drenched in red custom apparel.  Lucky team jerseys displayed proudly while rally towels whirl in the air.

Clutch players are made when the cards are stacked against them.  What seems like a bad position at the moment can quickly change into an opportunity in seconds.  And the only thing a fan can do is wave their rally towels in the air in an effort to start a wave of momentum in the right direction.

The tradition of rally towels began in the NFL in the 1970’s.  The prototype was created in Pittsburgh by a sports radio broadcaster; he called it The Terrible Towel.  He originally took a white dish towel to a game and began swirling it around – other fans followed.  Fans of Western Kentucky began integrating red towels.  That same year the Steelers won the Super Bowl.  That was enough clout to take the tradition to Major League Baseball in the 1980’s.  While not every baseball organization favors the towels, they have become a mainstay in the sporting world.  

Jump into the big leagues and print your own rally towels with the help of Winning Streak.  We are the small printing apparel company that takes on the big jobs.  From screen printing to embroidery, we customize your school, club and corporate items with logos, taglines and mascots.  Our sales representatives make designing and ordering easy for coaches and athletic directors.

Rally towel are perfect for giveaways or stocking stuffers.  Get your student body in the stands to support their school, show unity and hopefully start your own winning streak.  Don’t let the season get ahead of you, order now!

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