A Look Back on a Winning 2016


With 2016 winding down and 2017 gearing up, we are hopping right on the runaway bandwagon of retrospectives. It may be a tad cliche, but the end of the year is a great time to reflect on the last twelve months and the next twelve also. In that spirit, we thought we’d discuss a few of the highlights of our past year.

2016 was a great year.


At various points this year, we decided to give back and reward our social media followers with a chance to enter into contests. We gave away great prizes like Cardinals tickets to a World Series Ring replica giveaway and a pair of Adidas running shoes.

Great Adidas Apparel

All year long, we’ve been giving you insights into great Adidas apparel that we have available. From youth football, to Footbol, to cross country, to hats, we have covered many fine products that carry the Adidas seal of quality. Even a master painter needs a quality canvas. We also covered some important topics like what moisture wicking fabric does.

Sharing Our Work

We love sharing our work for two reasons. The first, obviously, is that we like to show what our screen printing, embroider, and uniform decoration professionals are capable of. Who doesn’t like to admire their own work? It’s more than that, though, as we also love giving a shout out to the teams we work with and showing what they have accomplished.

Speedy T-Shirt Service

One thing that sets us apart from other screen printers in the St. Louis area is speedy service. Our sophisticated equipment allows us to turn orders around in a matter of days. That is a big asset when trying to get championship shirts quickly, get uniforms for volunteers at your benefit or get t-shirts for your community event.

Use the Hashtag #Winning17

Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. When you do, use the hashtag #Winning17. We are proud of what we accomplished in 2016, but we are even more excited about how we are going to help the schools, teams, clubs, and organizations in the St. Louis metro area in 2017. Help us make this a winning year.

Oh, and when you get your order, send us a picture and we’ll share it with our followers on social media.

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