Adidas Warm Ups are Never Out of Style


What’s old is new again.  Call it upcycling or call it recycling, but no matter which way you look at it retro is here to stay.  And there’s no time like October to make that point more obvious.  Athletic wear and custom apparel has been at the forefront of street fashion.  Wild patterns and bright colors have been the calling card of trendsetters like Adidas.  Fortunately, they have a reputation for making statement pieces that last.

Any teacher, coach or parent in the St. Louis area can recognize a throw together outfit from mom & dad’s closet for spirit week in October. Anything from 80’s Day to Hip-Hop Day, and an Adidas jumpsuit always makes the cut.  And at the end of the month comes Halloween . . .

Halloween gives the opportunity to emulate some of our favorite characters from pop-culture.  For example, Chas, from the Royal Tenenbaums.  This quirky Wes Anderson film follows a family from adulthood to childhood and back again. Divorce, adoption, death and deception seep into the development of this infamous New York family. There’s Royal, Margot, Richie, Eli and Chas; the story follows the lives of three gifted siblings who experience great success in youth, and even greater disappointment and failure after their eccentric father leaves them in their adolescent years. Twenty years later, when Royal discovers he has cancer, he attempts to make amends.  

Here we meet Chas and his twin sons, Ari and Uzi; the three consistently wear Adidas warm-ups – though no one knows why.  One thing’s for sure – they’re comfortably setting trends for generations to follow.

If you want your school, club or organization to create custom apparel that leaves a legacy, call Winning Streak.  With over a decade in the business of screenprinting, embroidery and customization, we know quality that lasts. We have all your options for Adidas uniforms and equipment; call your sales representative today!

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