Adidas . . . Winning Streak . . .What’s in a Name?


When I was a kid playing soccer at the park, I remember proudly wearing my new Adidas sweatshirt. Shortly after telling my friends that my sweatshirt was “new” and that I had gotten it for the new school year, one of my friends offered her a piece of apparel trivia. “You know what Adidas stands for right?” Puzzled, I had no clue it “stood” for anything; it was just another name brand – which I was happy to display. “No, what?” I answered. “All Day I Dream About Soccer.” Every I see the Adidas symbol or pronounce it in my head, I repeat the mantra.

Now maybe my 9 year-old friend was a sage before her time. According to all the latest news, she’s spot on. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team just received several Adidas Awards in the wake of their World Cup win. Not to mention all the athletic brand is known for its soccer shoes, team uniforms and warm ups for players and fans alike.

But Adidas is more than just soccer . . . And a name is more than an acronym

In fact, it’s not an acronym at all; the brand name was inspired by its German founders, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. The two were brothers, one was a quiet shoe maker and the other, an outspoken salesman. Their creations were made famous when Olympic star Jesse Owens wore their shoes to win four gold medals in the 1936 Olympic Games. After a rise in the brand’s popularity and increased animosity between the brothers, along with WWII, the brothers split the company. Adolf, also called Adi, created the brand name as a hybrid of his nickname and last name – Adidas.

It makes you think, what’s in a name, a mascot or the meaning of school colors? Are they arbitrary symbols? Or are they rooted in strength and tradition?

Proudly display your team mascot on an embroidered team jacket, a screen printed t-shirt or coach’s shirt. Create an image and promote your brand – hard work, talent, teamwork and school spirit.

Let Winning Streak help your team make a name for itself.

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