Alternative Sport Spotlight: Frisbee Golf

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Last week, we kicked off our alternative sport spotlights with an ode to dodgeball. This week, we’re going to tackle a rising favorite of young and old players alike. It’s a familiar game played with unfamiliar tools: frisbee golf, also known as disc golf.

Golf is a great game that is loved by millions in the United States and abroad. Modern golf dates back to Scotland in the 1500’s, It’s also an insanely expensive sport. Not only does it cost a pretty penny for decent golf clubs, but you have to constantly buy balls. To make matters worse, you have to pay quite a bit every time you play at any course. What if you could have the general rules of golf, the very idea of the game, but you can play it so many places and for little or no money.

Frisbee golf is an affordable alternative to standard golf.

Instead of shelling out wads of cash for clubs and time on the greens, you can buy a handful of cheap plastic discs and go to any number of public parks and play frisbee golf. For the uninitiated, frisbee golf involves trying to throw a frisbee into a standing basket-like apparatus like the one shown above. The amount of throws it takes to land the frisbee in the basket are scored like strokes in golf.

You can also join, or start, a frisbee golf rec league. When you do, consider lining up sponsors to help cover the costs of your team, including custom uniforms. We can help with that too. All you’ll need for your team are some affordable custom t-shirts from Winning Streak. Contact us today to find out more. Our lightning-fast screen printing operation can turn your order around in a matter of days.

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