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Being a professional athlete conjures images of VIP service, peak physical fitness, and getting to play the game you love for money. Kids and adults dream of making it to the professional level; kids transform their backyards into Busch Stadium and men take YMCA basketball to an ultra-competitive level.

What’s the difference between us the the pros? Any sports movie would have you believe it’s a combination of talent and hardwork; the extra sprints, sets and salads translate into performance. Athletic directors find talented athletes and coaches produce champions. While talent and hardwork are key components, the attributes that set them apart are opportunity, focus and a little luck.

Earning the title “pro” might seem like adulation enough, but it’s the championships, record-breaking stats and ungodly plays that keep professional athletes motivated. But let’s face it, professional athletes are celebrities too and we enjoy seeing them out of their element every now and then.

Wednesday night’s ESPY Awards were a high-tech mix of emotion and glamour that highlighted the teams and athletes from every genre under one stadium roof. Categories ranged from Best Team to Best Upset, giving sports fans across the nation a reason to watch. Another reason to tune in were the honorees of the top awards of the evening: Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Kaitlyn Jenner; Jimmy V Perseverance Award to Devon Still and the Pat Tillman Award to Danielle Green. Winners received the Espy Trophy – a curved, columnar titanium colored base with a ball on the top engraved with ESPN and the category.

Winning Streak would like to congratulate all the honorees and winners of the 2015 ESPY Awards. Remember if you’re in the St.Louis Metropolitan area, have an upcoming event but can’t afford a titanium trophy – give the gift of custom apparel.

Athletes need athletic gear. Give the gift of quality by adding embroidery to a team jersey. Give the gift of style in cutting edge apparel from Adidas. Give the gift of performance wear to your top athletes.

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