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Recently the St. Louis Cardinals played the Chicago Cubs in the NLDS post-season playoffs. This matchup was history for a couple reasons: 1) The Cubs haven’t made the playoffs in over a decade.  2) The Cubs haven’t won a World Series championships in over 100 years.  3)  The Cardinals beat the Cubs more times in the regular season 4) Unfortunately for Cardinals fans, they were defeated by the Cubs and knocked out the playoffs 5) This sounds like a typical playoff scenario, except for the fact that the Cards-Cubs rivalry is one of the most famous in Major League Baseball history.

While rivalries are fairly common in popular culture, like Batman v. The Joker, or The Jocks v. The Nerds, they are more intense in the world of sports.  Take a look at Winning Streak’s top 3 famous sports rivalries (other than the obvious Cardinals-Cubs.)

New York Yankees v. Boston Red Sox Baseball:  It’s a rivalry almost as old as baseball itself.  It began when Babe Ruth, whose reputation needs no explanation, was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees.   The Sox franchise had been reigning champions for decades; then in 1916 after the trade, the Yankee dynasty began.   The Yankees reached the World Series seven times during Ruth’s New York years, winning four. This abrupt reversal of fortunes for the Red Sox marked the beginning of the supposed “Curse of the Bambino.”

Mizzou v. Illinois Basketball:  Affectionately called the  “Braggin’ Rights Game” this annual holiday game draws fans from all over the St. Louis Metro Area.  Originally presented by Anheuser-Busch in 1980, the nationally televised rivalry was evenly matched until 2000; then Illinois went on a decade long winning streak.  However, unlike other college trophies, the winner does not take and display it at their school.  Instead, the trophy is displayed at the Scottrade Center lobby, bearing either blue and orange or black and gold, representing team jersey colors, depending on the winner.  The other side has a plastic square reading “THE TROPHY BELONGS HERE NEXT YEAR” in the position where the trophy would go.

Michigan v. Notre Dame Football: Both football programs are considered amongst the nations elite.  In addition to their close geographic proximity, the two universities chase each other year after year for the all-time win percentage. The next meeting between the schools won’t happen until 2018 due to conference changes, but that won’t stop football purists from debating their team’s’ superiority.

So hunker onto the couch in the cold winter months and tune in to watch your favorite rivalries in the best team jersey money can buy.  Go to a team store or create your own from Winning Streak, because we love sports.

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