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Winning Streak is the perfect partner for your church group t-shirts.

For your youth group to gel, you want everyone to feel like they’re on the same team, to gel. Custom t-shirts are great for that, and give your church some publicity to boot. Ok, you’ve established that t-shirts are a good idea. Now comes the headache. What shirts do we get, where do we get them? Who can we trust? This would be a daunting task if you were in it alone, but luckily you absolutely are not.

Let’s avoid that headache, shall we?

Winning Streak is your home for church group t-shirts.

The image you see above is of a youth group from Concord Trinity UMC. They recently attended the S.L.U.M.P. (St. Louis United Methodist Party). S.L.U.M.P. is an annual event where church youth groups from area churches gather for a retreat full of fun and fellowship. Concord Trinity UMC chose Winning Streak and sales representative Kris Hoff for their church group t-shirts. You can reach Kris at

Order your church group t-shirts today!

Order your church group t-shirts from Winning Streak today! Not only can we get you high-quality, affordable custom t-shirts from top brands like Adidas, we also turn orders around quickly. Even if you don’t have an event on the horizon that needs speedy service, who wants to wait?

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Be sure to connect with our social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for all the latest news and updates from your custom t-shirt partners in the St. Louis area. When you get your t-shirts, send us a picture and we’ll share it with our many friends online. We love to share our work and get the word out for our friends as well. Who doesn’t love a little free publicity?

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