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In Case You Hadn’t Heard, It’s Friday the 13th

In case you hadn’t heard the word, and no, not the bird. Don’t start singing it! No, by now you have probably been beaten over the head with the fact that it’s Friday the 13th, the official scapegoat for every bit of misfortune big and small that happens to you the rest of the day. Missed the light? Friday the 13th. Late to work? Was it your fault for not leaving soon enough? Nope, Friday the 13th! Hit by a meteor? You get the idea.

Here’s the thing though, maybe luck matters once in a great while on little things, but the idea of broader issues of luck, like curses, are often just an excuse. Look at the Cubs. For the last 108 years, all we heard about was the Curse of the Billygoat. A fan was denied access to the ballpark because of his goat. That’s why the Cubs made poor roster decisions and played poorly of years. It’s Steve Bartman’s fault Kerry Wood was shelled in 2003 and the team lost the next game. Excuses.

Last night the Cubs won a game in no small part because of a controversial call at 1st base. Are the Nationals cursed? Can they never win a playoff series because of magical forces? Or did Jose Lobaton create a bad situation with a bad running play, exacerbated by the hideously flawed MLB replay system. Bad calls are as much a scapegoat as curses for many teams, but the fact of the matters the Nationals could have executed with runners on base, played better defense, and pitched better earlier in the game and made that call a moot point. A run in 1st counts as much as a run in the 8th, on both sides.

The best way to fight curses and guard against bad calls? Do what you can with what is in your hands. No curse can withstand proper preparation, proper practice, and proper workout and diet choices. Bad calls are less likely to be a kicker with good fundamental play. You’re less likely to get a bad penalty call in football if you play a clean game, for example.

Just something to ponder this Friday the 13th. Enjoy your day and best of luck!

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