Custom Cheerleading T-Shirts as Uniforms or Extras


They say the crowd is the extra player on the field. The noise of a hot crowd can disrupt the visitors, while their energy can inspire the home team. This is why home field advantage is such a big deal in my contests. If the crowd is the extra player on the field, then cheerleaders are the extra coach. On top of helping the fans get energized, cheerleaders are also athletes in their own right, with complicated feats of coordination and athleticism.

Check out these t-shirts we printed for the Fort Zumwalt North Cheerleaders.

We printed these custom t-shirts for the Fort Zumwalt North cheerleaders. The squad is pictured at FZN’s Veterans Day assembly. They ordered their custom t-shirts from sales rep Matt Jones, who can be reached at

Custom cheerleading t-Shirts make for great extras, or uniforms.

Custom t-shirts don’t just make for great extras. They can also make great personalized uniforms. This is a cost-effective way to outfit your squad in a time of shrinking extracurricular budgets. With a cost-effective uniform like t-shirts, it also becomes much easier to afford multiple variants for different events or seasons. We also have hoodie available for outdoor events, or just for your cheerleaders or their families. Our web stores make online ordering simple for students, families, alumni, and fans. Contact us to learn more and to speak to a member of our team. They will help you find the right solution for your squad.

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