Custom Hats! Custom Hats!

Is there anything better than a cool custom hats?

Sorry for the headline…but come on, hats! We at WhoopTee don’t use exclamation points haphazardly, so the fact that this post is lead by three of them should be an indication of just how excited we are about getting a custom hat on your head. Custom hats are cool, stylish, and timeless. Caps are right there screaming Americana along with cheese burgers, drive in theaters, and The Beach Boys. Winning Streak and our partners at Adidas have a few examples to wrap you head around, or to wrap around your head.

If you’re looking for a traditional closed-top cap, the Adjustable Washed Slouch could be just what the doctor ordered. Made of 100% washed cotton, this heavy-duty cap features buckle closure for extra classiness. Adjustable Washed Slouch comes in power red, dark green, black, green, navy, gold, royal, orange, light blue, ice grey, purple, lead, maroon, white, burgundy, intense pink, and puffy.

Buckle closure not your style? The Structured Adjustable Cap features velcro for easy adjustment and is made of 100% cotton twill. The Structured Adjustable Cap comes in power red, dark green, black, green, navy, gold, royal, orange, purple, grey, maroon, lead, burgundy, puffy, and white.

If you’re looking for your standard snapback, then look no further than the Structured Snapback. This classic look is made of 100% cotton twill and comes in power red, black, navy, royal, purple, maroon, burgundy, dark green, green, gold, orange, ice grey, lead, and white.

To get your hands on some sweet custom hats, call (888) 570-6194 or email today!

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