Custom Hoodies and Paintball: Get the Right Gear

Custom hoodies are a versatile, useful uniform option for paintball teams.

When it comes time to outfit your paintball team, you should be looking for a uniform that is practical, comfortable, and stylish. A bad uniform hinders a teams’ performance. A good uniform stays out of the way. A great uniform is an asset that helps a team reach a higher level of play. We don’t do bad, we don’t settle for good. At Winning Streak, we aim for great, and you should too. That’s why we’d like to suggest custom hoodies as the perfect marriage between style and substance, between looks and performance. Here are a couple ways custom hoodies can help your paintball team:

Cushion Hits

Here’s the first thing you learn about paint ball, and you learn it fast: it really, really hurts to be shot. Not life or death like getting shot for real, but it’s a good, solid sting that feels like a punch with a pinch of pinch (try saying that three times fast). That’s why the more layers, and the thicker clothing you wear, the less the sting is an issue. Hoodies are light enough to allow you easy range of movement, but thick enough to help shield the sting of a paint ball.

Protection From the Elements

It can get cold playing paintball in the great outdoors. It would be a shame to let rain get to you too. If only there were a type of clothing that was both warm, and could provide a hood…


The pouch-like pocket on a hoodie is good for two things: storage, and hand warming. You don’t want your trigger finger to get icy, do you? Likewise, you’ll need somewhere to keep your paintballs, and a front pouch is easy to get to.

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