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Winning Streak is your home for baseball and softball fan gear in the St. Louis area and the Metro East. We also offer amazing custom uniforms, custom t-shirts, and corporate apparel.

One of the biggest headaches for coaches and administrators ordering custom gear for students, athletes, and their parents is dealing with order forms. Some people wait until the last minute, or after the last minute. Others are notoriously slow getting their cash in. It’s a nightmare getting a group of people in line for an order some times.

What if there were an easier way?

Luckily there is. When you order your custom apparel form Winning Streak, we will set up an easy-to-order web store for your convenience. Once your store is setup, your students and parents can order the gear they need and place an order. No headaches, no drama. Goodbye paper, goodbye circulating flyers. All you have to do is share a link, and they will take care of the rest.

Contact us today to learn more.

Contact us today to speak to a member of our staff about setting up a web store for your school or team. Our team is dedicated to exceptional customer service and will make the process painless and fruitful for you. If you’d like to see what we offer from top international brands like adidas in person, drop by our showroom in Dupo, Illinois. We’d be happy to show you around, show off some samples, and let you know more about how Winning Streak can help your school.

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