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Custom shirts

The Winning Streak team understands that we have the greatest jobs in the world.  We make custom shirts.  We make custom apparel.  We make team uniforms.  We create awareness.

Logos, colors and fonts may seem like child’s play to some but when all things are considered, it’s important.  Not because we’re saving lives in a hospital or volunteering for military service, but because we service a need.

Custom clothing brings people together – it’s why members of our Armed Forces wear uniforms.  It’s why healthcare workers can be easily identified to those in need to seek immediate help.  It’s why when the rest of us feel helpless when our freedoms are under attack, we turn to selling t-shirts to raise funds to help victims stateside and abroad.

It’s why – whether you want to admit it or not – custom t-shirts are important.  Thy can act as symbolic artifice to announce to the world – simply and boldly – where our alliances lie.  Custom colors – like that of a national flag or team – can show where are heads are at in periods of chaos when the world isn’t making much sense.  Unique logos are visual statements; they represent mission statements trying to reach the general public in order to be noticed.

We believe in quality.  That’s why we create local jobs with competitive wages and benefits to all our employees – from the factory floor to offices above.  We partner with apparel companies like Adidas and Rawlings that are committed to sustainability and international commerce.

Here’s the bottom line: When you need to design custom t-shirts that raise money and awareness, Winning Streak is the top choice.  We’re not in it for the short term, but for the life of our apparel and your message.

We at Winning Streak would never be so bold as to compare ourselves to more noble professions; we simply want to be used as a tool for solidarity.  A channel to voice an opinion.  A resource to provide clothing to those without shirts.  And a means to those who need these services.

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