Fantasy Football: Ready to Play?


You can barely walk into a sports bar, read the sports section or even bring up last night’s game without the mention of a fantasy league.  Even Sports Illustrated has a section and an app called the Daily MVP in reference the ongoing art of rating players and points.  Therefore, finding a Fantasy Football League to participate in shouldn’t be a problem.  But follow these simple steps to getting into the game – with all the right sports gear – this football season:

Find a League: Understand why you’re playing: For fun? For money? For the love of the game?  You’ll want to make sure you join a group that has the same intentions as you. Do your research regarding players, team and coach’s drafting strategies; maybe then you can emulate your own.

Prepare for the Draft: This is the day that can make or break your participation in the league.  Fantasy football drafts can take place online, but some leagues — typically friends or co-workers — will conduct the draft in person.  List the positions to make sure you choose all the right players for their function.


Get your Game On:  Now is the time when the real players, get on a real field to play another real team.   Get out your pen, notebook and calculator because here is the time to earn points.  Factor player points with team wins and convert points according to your league rules.

Strategize: Think free agents, trades and thoughtful moves that might help you gain points for the rest of the season.  Certainly, there’s no accounting for injuries or failing teams but the numbers don’t lie.  Account for the science in the numbers and adjust your strategy from there.   

Playoff Projects: If fate, fantasy and football align just right – your team makes the playoffs.  If you’re the last team standing – literally and figuratively – you stand to win.  Isn’t that the fun?  Money, glory, or the lengths you will go to activate your team.

So now you know how to play, contact a salesperson from Winning Streak to make custom shirts for your fantasy league . . . and get ready for baseball season . . .

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