Fast Turnaround for Benefit T-Shirts is a Lifesaver

Fast Turnaround for Benefit T-Shirts is a Lifesaver

Our lightning-fast t-shirt turnaround will keep you on the ball.

Summer time is perfect for benefits. There are a multitude of ways to raise money for a cause over the summer. When it’s time for your benefit, you’re going to need custom t-shirts, and you’re going to need a screen printer with quick turnaround. Whether you are planning an event or are participating in it, our speedy service and quality make Winning Streak the best choice in the St. Louis metro area to help you out.

So, you’ve chosen your event. Are you hosting a fun run? A 6K? A walk? A BBQ? A carwash? You’re going to need custom t-shirts. There are so many factors that go into this kind of undertaking. You can check one item off your list by ordering your event t-shirts early, and having them ready to go. We know how it is, though. Sometimes the number of volunteers is in flux. People don’t get back to you on their t-shirt sizes. With so many things to juggle, you may not remember to place your order good and early. Don’t lose your cool, we can get you out of a jam. Our in-house art department and screen printing professionals are fast, and they’re good.

For those of you participating in the fundraising this summer, the same applies. How long does it take to get a firm “yes” on your golf scramble team? How frustrating is it to constantly hear “I’ll let you know” from your potential poker run crew? Here you are at the last minute needing custom t-shirts. Save your anger for the softball game and set your mind at ease by calling (888) 570- 6194, emailing or contacting your local sales rep. We pride ourselves in our customer service just as much as our quick turnaround.

One more thing…

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