Fits Like A Glove? More Like, Fits Like a Custom Cap

There's nothing better than a fitted custom cap.

The expression “fits like a glove” is an odd one. It really should be “fits like a hat.” Sure, adjustable custom hats with velcro or snapbacks are nice, but for many people, there’s no substitute for a classic fitted cap. There are very few fits more satisfying than a perfectly fitted cap. “But wait,” you say, “isn’t that the problem?” Finding a fit is often easier said than done, even with the proper hat size. What if you could have a nice, snug fitting cap that is is still flexible. You know, a custom cap that’s stylish, but still practical and functional for sideline duty.

Coaches, put a lid you your headwear problem with a classy custom cap from Winning Streak.

Winning Streak is nothing if not flexible, and the same can be said about our partners at Adidas. Check out the Flat Visor Flex, a blend of acrylic, wool, and polyurethane that provides the style, structure and snugness you get from a fitted cap. Throw in a flat, flexible visor and you have a winning combination. The Flat Visor Flex is available in power red, black, navy, royal, purple, maroon, burgundy, dark green, orange, white, and lead.

The same can be said about the Mesh Flat Visor Flex. Made of a 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the Mesh Flat Visor Flex is breathable and flexible, and is available in white/power red, white/navy, white/royal, white/maroon, purple, white/burgundy, white/dark green, white/black, and lead/aluminum.

Looking for something more ridged? Check out the Structured Flex Cap, made of a cotton/spandex blend. The Structured Flex Cap is available in power red, black, navy, royal, purple, maroon, burgundy, dark green, green, gold, orange, ice grey, lead, and white.

Cover your head in style today with a sweet custom cap. Call (888) 570-6194 or email

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