Five Ideas for Your Next Indoor Fundraiser


As we get deeper into October, we get further away from weather conducive to outdoor events and closer to “run, get inside!” weather. With that in mind, it’s time to start planning your in-door winter fundraisers, and your friends at Winning Streak have some ideas you may want to consider:

Trivia Night- Consider this the gold standard of winter fundraisers. Trivia nights are easy to put together, require guests to stay through the duration of the event, and, most importantly, are fun. It’s also easy to get a nice base of fund from selling tables to teams, while raising even more money with concessions and silent auctions.

Dance- Get a live band, bring out the concessions, and let your guests enjoy a hip-swinging time on the dance floor. These events are high energy, and leave plenty of opportunities for auctions or games like heads or tails.

Cosmic Bingo- Bingo is fun. Bingo with black lights and glow-in-the-dark dabbers? That’s on another cosmic plane of fun.

Bowling- Bowling is one of the fundraisers that people of all walks of life can enjoy. Good bowlers, bad bowlers, it doesn’t matter, they’ll have fun. Plus, you can take advantage of your local alley’s group rates.

Mouse Races – This one is a bit outside the box, but you’re hard pressed to find a fundraiser higher on the fund scale. At mouse races, mice are put into a miniature racetrack with each mouse having a sealed off lane. The guests then place bets on which mouse will win. This is an especially great fundraiser because it a) puts guests in a happy state of mind and b) gives them an incentive to stay longer. The longer they stay, the more drinks, food, or t-shirts they buy.

Any of these fundraisers would be a good choice, but finding the choice that best fits your situation is the real trick. that’s what the sales staff at Winning Streak is so good at: finding the right fit for your unique situation. Don’t go into your next fundraiser without custom t-shirts to sell your guests, and certainly don’t go in without t-shirts for your volunteers.

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