Stay Safe St. Louis: 3 Flood Safety Tips


The St. Louis area is suffering a rash of dangerous flooding in the wake of a week straight of heavy rain. Roads are flooding all around the St. Louis metro area. Our facility is located in Dupo, Illinois, and we are proud citizens of the St. Louis metro area. This is a very dangerous situation that warrants care. Therefore, we though we would pass on some highlights from FEMA’s Flood Preparation and Safety guidelines. Please be careful and stay safe out there.

Don’t drive through standing water.

According to FEMA, your car can be swept away in only two feet of standing water. It is very, very easy to misjudge the depth of the water. Do not take that chance. Do not attempt to cross through the water. To do so on foot would be even more risky; according to FEMA, you can be swept away by only six inches of water on foot. Turn back and live to tell the story.

If your home is flooded, take great care entering the structure.

If your home is flooded, make sure your check for structural damage before you enter it. The flood waters could have damaged your home and put it at risk for collapse. Also, if you suspect damage to gas, electric, or other utilities, do not enter your home and contact the authorities. On the subject of electricity, be on the lookout for downed power lines. Electricity and water is a deadly combination.

Use common sense.

To put it simply, use your brain. If a situation looks risky, avoid it. If a situation doesn’t look risky, still give it some though just to be safe. You cannot be too cautious in a sever-weather situation, especially one as dangerous as flooding.

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