Fort Zumwalt South Softball Rules


Any team that looks this good must know what they’re doing, right? The Fort Zumwalt South Varsity Softball team know the importance of good gear and great team uniforms; which is why they chose to play in custom Adidas jerseys, pants and visors. But looking good is easy when your team uses Winning Streak for their team store. So as the beginning of softball season is underway, take look at our tips for breaking in your gear.

How to Break in a Softball Bat: First you’ll need your bat, a batting tee, and 20 regulation size softballs; or head to the nearest batting cage. The temperature for breaking a bat should be approximately 60 degrees because most bats are 100% alloy and need fibers to be loosened before the first game. Hit the ball off the tee, beginning at full force and rotating the bat ¼ turn with each swing. Take approximately 100 swings and gradually work your effort down to half capacity. Most bats last between 70-100 games before you’ll need a replacement.

How to Break in a New Softball Glove: Most players keep several gloves on hand in case one gets broken. However, here are some tips to quickly break in a glove. First. cleanse the glove with a conditioning foam to loosen the leather to form a better feel around your hand. Once the glove is coated, place a softball in the webbing and wrap an Ace bandage around it, remembering to keep the tension tight. Keep the wrapping around it for 3-5 days. Once it’s ready, grab a teammate and play catch. Each time you catch the ball, stop and squeeze the ball in the glove. This action will promote flexibility.

At the end of the season, store your bat in an area that has average temperatures and securely where it won’t get hit or fall on the ground. Continue to oil your glove, even in the off season, so it won’t become dried out.

When it’s time to replace team uniforms or warm-ups, screenprint t-shirts for fans or design swag for a fundraiser, remember Winning Streak. We know quality when we see it and we only outfit the best!

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