Friday Tidbits: #FlashbackFriday, Soccer/Baseball, Replicas

Friday Tidbits


For #Flashback Friday, we dug up an old post from our blog that we think is, as Homer Simpson would say, is as true today…as when it was written. So hop in our way back machine to the far bygone year of 2015. The post, Adidas…Winning Streak…What’s in a Name? discusses the history of the Adidas brand how the name came to be. It’s an interesting read for anyone who likes to inject a little trivia into their life. The name Adidas is anything but trivial to us, as we partner with them to provide the best custom apparel to our clients. Adidas is a name that means quality all around the world.

Soccer and Baseball on Almost Here

Speaking of the Adidas name, one of the most commonly mentioned nicknames for the company turns “Adidas” into an acronym: All Day I Dream About Soccer. There is a very good reason for that: Adidas is the gold standard for soccer gear, from jerseys, to shoes, to full uniforms, to team t-shirts.

When you think of baseball, it’s hard not to think Rawlings. All those years of sponsoring the Gold Glove awards will do that. Rawlings is a mainstay in baseball communities for the same reason Adidas is in soccer: they make a great uniform. We have Rawlings apparel available for your custom decorated uniforms.

Both soccer and baseball will be here before you know it. January is coming to a close already. Weeks from now you don’t want to be scrambling to get your team’s uniform needs sorted out before the start of the season. You have plenty of time to get your uniforms, but don’t let that time pass you by. Give us a call at (888) 570-6194 or email

Replica Jerseys

Do you have parents, grandparents, students and fans in the community asking for replica jerseys of your teams to wear at games? We have an easy solution for: set up a web store where your fans can easily order their jerseys. Just talk to one of our sales reps about setting it up. You can find your area’s sales representative here.

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