Friday Tidbits: Warm Weather, DigiPrint, Twins, Twill

Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday friends! Before you go out and enjoy this beautiful weekend, here are a few tidbits worth a mention:

Are we sure it’s still February?

After a brief snow flurry in some areas earlier in the week, our notoriously fickle St. Louis weather has shifted course again. As if today’s upper 60’s and sunny weather wasn’t enough, tomorrow we are looking at that kind of warmth again. If you get the chance, go out and enjoy the weather. Take in the fresh air, get some exercise.

It should also get you thinking about how close we are coming to spring. For spring sports, practice and competition are on the near horizon. It’s time to get your uniform situation sorted out. Give us a call today at (888) 570-6194 or email today to set up a meeting with our staff.

Check out these awesome custom lacrosse uniforms made with our DigiPrint process!

Winning Streak is your home for custom lacrosse uniforms in the St. Louis area.

Speaking of spring sports, check out these awesome custom Adidas jerseys we made for the Maryville University Lacrosse team. They were made using our DigiPrint process and feature a stunning American flag design for both the school name and number. If you’re in the market for a jersey that makes a statement, this is the way to go.

The twill to win.

Step Team 1

Adidas twill jackets make for a great addition to any team’s custom apparel wardrobe. Our custom embroidery experts recently produced some stunning twill jackets for Parkway School District’s Step team recently. Take a look at the above and below pictures, which come from sales representative Mark Standage. You can contact Mark at

Winning Streak is your place for custom embroidered jackets from top brands like Adidas.

Twins for the win.

Here is a cool pic of a few students participating in spirit week at Fort Zumwalt North high school. Their custom “Twins Day” t-shirts read “Twins for the Win.” These photos come from sales representative Matt Jones. You can reach Matt at


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