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Naturally, the players on the field get most of the attention, most of the glory. Why not? They’re the ones playing. Still, the athletes on the field can’t do what they do without the folks on the sidelines. Coaches, trainers, equipment managers, water boys (or aquatic engineers as Bobby Boucher would say): they all make the game we see on the field possible. Let’s not forget the unsung heroes, and let’s not let them wear rags. When the time comes to outfit your sideline personnel with something elegant, yet rugged, Winning Streak has what you need via our partners at Adidas.

The Climalite® Fielder’s Choice 3/4 Sleeve Henley is perfect for spring, as the 3/4 sleeves land right in-between warm weather and cold. Here in the St. Louis metro area, we’re never quite sure what to expect from the climate on a day to day basis, especially in spring, making the 3/4 Sleeve Henley ideal. Made of 100% polyester interlock, it features a swiss double pique mesh insert and an articulated v-neck design.

For the burning heat of summer, the best choice is the Climalite® Fielder’s Choice Cage Jacket. Like it’s 3/4 sleeve cousin, the Cage Jacket is made of 100% polyester interlock and features a Swiss double pique mesh insert. Unlike its cousin, however, the Cage Jacket has short sleeves and a 1/4 zipper.

Football coaches, take notice. When your sport spans the heat of summer and (when playoff time rolls around) the late fall cold, the Climalite® Fielder’s Choice Convertible Jacket is perfect for your unique needs. Crafted from 100% polyester tricot, the Convertible Jacket is, you guessed it, convertible. The removable sleeves will have you prepared for hot days and cold alike, while a side zipper provides added versatility. You may not be playing, but we know what the sideline people contribute. Keep doing what you do, and make sure you look good doing it.

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