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For a great many students, one of the most fond memories of their high school experience is participating in drama club. The thrill of being on stage, especially if you’re friends with your cast mates, is indescribable. The lights, the crowd, and the moment where they lose themselves in a character are a rush that can’t be felt anywhere but the performing arts.

That’s not a knock on the rush you get from sports. It’s a totally different feeling. With sports, the crowd and the lights are energizing, the game itself and the feeling of competition are amazing. It’s a different kind of rush than the rush creative types feel. Neither is the superior, they are simply different. Acting gives one a different feeling than even music can. Music is intensely personal, while acting is all about becoming someone else. It’s apples and oranges.

It would be a monumental disservice to the hard work, passion, and dedication of the crew to only mention the actors. The actual cast of a play is only a faction of the team that put together a work of theater. You have costumes, set design, lights, sound, direction, publicity…so many departments that may not get top billing, but are just as vital to the performance as the actors on stage.

Now, when a play is over, the cast and crew can’t keep their costumes. They certainly can’t keep the lighting equipment. When it comes to a keepsake, the one solitary item they have to fall back on, the one item they can use to preserve that precious memory for all time is a custom drama club t-shirt.

(Above) The cast of You Can’t Take it With You at Fort Zumwalt North shows off their custom drama club t-shirts.

Custom drama club t-shirts allow the unsung heros of the production to be recognized. They may not be the center of attention, but they will always a shirt that recognizes their contribution to the production.

You Can’t Take it With You will be showing at the Fort Zumwalt North auditorium on November 17-19 at 7pm.

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