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Fundraisers are the lifeblood of any organization, public or private, large or small.  But it’s hard to figure out a way to make the most money, in a short amount of time with the most efficient use of resources.  If you’re reading this and nodding your head in agreement, then you must have called yourself Chairman at some point in the time.  If you haven’t volunteered your efforts, but think it’s a breeze, you could be right – if done right.  Confused yet?

Auctions, trivia nights and cosmic bingo are all the rage right now.  They allow parents, co-workers, team members and supporters to affiliate in a fun night of camaraderie meant to drive sales.  Much of the success depends on ticket sales, overhead costs, food and beverage revenue and the almighty basket auction.

Never heard of a basket auction?  For almost any type of fundraiser, organizers will solicit members to donate items (and literally put them in a basket, or make-shift basket) for participants to bid on.  The better the item the higher the bid; making basket auctions an all-profit endeavour.  Check out some Do’s and Don’ts for a successful silent auction:


  1. Get creative with your themed auction baskets.  If you’re raising money for your club volleyball team, add a team jersey with a significant milestone embroidered along the front.  This is a big ticket item that bidders may want to wear or display.
  2. Have auction baskets in many different price ranges.  Bundle custom shirts in a range of sizes for the family; roll them, add ribbon and color coordinate for an eye-catching display.
  3. Have several of your best baskets in the section that’s the last to close.  Pair a performance Adidas shirt with a set of courtside basketball tickets, and an autographed ball next to a set of custom warm-ups to wear to a Meet and Greet with a popular player.  Let the bidding war begin.


  1. Don’t fail to provide auction baskets geared toward men.
  2. Don’t fail to leave enough space in between your baskets.
  3. Don’t group your baskets solely by price range.
  4. Don’t have more items than you have active bidders,
  5. Don’t fail to heavily publicize and promote your event,
  6. Don’t hide your best items amidst a jumble of lower-priced items,

For more fundraising ideas from Winning Streak, check out our Pinterest page at Winning Streak Inc.   If you want to order custom apparel that will bring in the big bucks, go to our Winning Streak website or email

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