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Drama Club is about much more than just acting on stage. Every school play has countless others making it possible behind the scenes, from the set, to costumes, to makeup, etc. One often overlooked but invaluable arm of that operation is publicity. What good is putting on a great play if no one is around to see it?

Coordinating these efforts is a great way to teach students in your club vital skills in the public relations, marketing, and event planning industries that they will carry over after high school. Maybe they will narrow down what they want to study in college, or if they have already picked out an area of interest this will be the head start they need en route to a career.

Have your students order your dram club t-shirts.

Giving young people responsibility and allowing them to stand on their own feet helps to build their confidence. Let trusted students in your club order the t-shirts for your play. Give them a budget, and allow them to take care of the rest.

You don’t have to worry, though. Just point them our way. You can trust our staff to help them along in the process and find the right solution for your play. We have top brands like adidas available and can fill t-shirt orders in a matter of days.

Have your students contact us today.

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