Help Keep History Alive By Involving the Youth

Custom historical t-shirts are a must for museums and historical societies.

For many people, history isn’t exactly at the top of their favorite subjects. This is especially true of younger people. You have to be the right person to appreciate it, but there are plenty of people who do, in the youth also. For many, the preservation of history is more than an interest, it’s more than a hobby, it’s more than a passion even. For those people, keeping history alive is a duty to keep alive the memory of generations past and impart their experiences onto generations future.

How is that done?

Right now, those who love and want to preserve history are members of local historical societies or are involved with one of many small local museums. The average person may not be aware of this, but any given area is peppered with small museums that serve a specific niche. This can be a topic, or a geographic region like a town or a county.

One issue that many historical organizations face is getting more youth involved. Membership typically skewes toward older generations. The future of the organization, and in some ways, the future of the past, is dependent on getting more youngsters interested and involved.

Capturing the youth is a challenge, but it’s just one of many challenges facing museums and historical organizations. Most of those challenges boil down to one of these three:

1. Funding

2. Manpower

3. Awareness

Custom t-shirts are a great way to address all three of these issues.. Here’s how:

Funding: You can have custom historical t-shirts made that represent your organization and sell them for extra cash. This is especially true for museums, as gift shops in general are a great source of revenue.

Manpower: Getting volunteers is essential to any events or even day-to-day operations for most groups. Offering custom historical t-shirts to those who volunteer at events, or to those who donate, is a great way to let contributors know that their contribution is appreciated and makes them feel like a part of the gang.

Awareness: Particularly for small or obscure organizations or museums with tight budgets, it’s tough to get the word out and raise awareness. Custom historical t-shirts are a great way to get your organization or museum’s name out there and get more eyeballs on what you do.

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