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Wow, that feels good to say. With the evil football defectors who shall not be named skipping town, and the Gateway City’s favorite sons failing to deliver us playoff baseball, if ever there was a time when St. Louis needed hockey, good hockey, it’s right now. St. Louis has now lost two football teams, a basketball team, and a baseball team, but we have never lost that sense of excitement and optimism that comes with the start of hockey season. We’re due, right? This year is the 50th anniversary of pro hockey in this fine city. Fifty years of great memories, of legendary stars, of tradition and great play during the season…and unfortunately of falling short in the postseason. Our baseball rivals to the north are in the mood to break a streak over twice as long, and you know what, we’ll let them have it if it means we can get that cup.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of attending a hockey game, there really isn’t much like it. The pace of the game is break-neck. When you think of the balance and grace it takes to balance on a metal blade on a field of ice while racing full speed, it really is a wonder that any human being can pull it off. Add that to the skill needed to shoot a puck and the physical nature of the game, it’s no wonder that hockey players hold a special place of respect for those who follow sports.

Pro hockey isn’t the only game in town.

Take the opportunity to support your local hockey organizations, and you won’t be disappointed. All across the metro area youngsters are lacing up their skates, ready to hit the ice and carve their own winning streak. If your school, club, or youth team is in need of custom hockey uniforms, look no further than Winning Streak. Actually, scratch that: go ahead and look further. We stand by work, we stand by our customer service, and we stand by the value we give our customers. We have top brands available, including Adidas, Russell, Rawlings, and Mizuno. Here’s some food for thought: over 2000 clients have chosen Winning Streak for their custom apparel.

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