Summer Schedule Putting You Through the Ringer?

Summer Schedule

Summertime is traditionally thought of as a period of relaxation and why not: it’s prime time for vacations. For many, many people though, summertime is anything but relaxing. It’s a three month get-up-and-go grind that much more resembles a marathon than a nap in a hammock. Even vacations can be extra taxing when you factor in scrambling to finish work, dealing with backed up work when you return, covering for coworkers who are on vacation, and dealing with the kids’ summer activities schedule.

Oh boy, the activities. Summer camps, enrichment programs, sports…they’re all over the place. So much for a break. When you factor in vacations it becomes almost impossible to juggle everything at once. You have so much on your plate just dealing with a summer sports schedule you haven’t had even a single solitary second to think about your fall team. Just when you take a final breath and say goodbye to summer, you realize your fall team is sans uniforms. Well friend, you have two options:

1. Plan A

When you get a break in your hectic schedule, give us a call at (888) 570-6194 or email Our sales staff and in-house graphic artists will deck your team out in amazing custom uniforms from top brands like Adidas, Rawlings, Russell and Mizuno. If you take care of your uniform needs early, that’s one less item to worry about later.

2. Plan B

If fall comes and you’re in desperate need of custom apparel, we’ll pull you out of the fire. You can trust in our blazing fast turnaround to have your gear to you in the blink of an eye to get you out of a bind.

Plan A is the best option, but we’ll make Plan B work too. Either way, Winning Streak has your back.

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