Pointers for a Safe and Fun 4th of July Weekend

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Happy 4th of July weekend! We hope that as you celebrate Independence Day with your family and friends that you have a wonderful time. That includes keeping yourself and your family safe. Here are a few safety tips for this 4th of July weekend.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re going to be enjoying adult beverages during this holiday weekend, remember to drink plenty of water. Summer weather and alcohol can be a killer combination when it comes to dehydration.

Designate a Driver

This one is vital as driving under the influence of alcohol is not only a threat to you and everyone in your car, but every single person on or near the road. Your good time does not matter more than the safety of others. Designate a driver and enjoy your holiday responsibly.

Use Proper Sanitation

Common sense should dictate that when using a BBQ grill, one should be careful. However, BBQ safety extends beyond just the fire, coals, or gas. You as still prepping food, and food-born illness can be deadly. Washing your hands, cooking thoroughly, and refrigerating or freezing food promptly are key components of a sanitary BBQ. For a more through look at food sanitation tips for BBQs, the FDA has you covered.

Be Leary of Fireworks

Yes, we know, fireworks as synonymous with July 4. There are plenty of issues to keep in mind before you load up a tub of black cats and roman candles, though. First and foremost, you should make sure that your fireworks of choice are legal in your area. Different states have different rules governing which fireworks are allowed and which ones aren’t. This is especially important if you live in a border area. Keep in mind, improper use of fireworks can lead to serious injuries like lost digits, eye damage, or worse. Make sure that your kids never use fireworks unsupervised. For more safety tips on fireworks, check here.

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