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Part of being a good employee is listening to your boss; making yourself indispensable; doing your “homework” and always having an answer for the tough questions. Those are the qualities that get your dream job – and keep it. Obviously, like all other businesses, the Winning Streak team has a boss too. Our boss tells us what we need to be successful. Our boss helps manage expectations. Our boss give us the tools and resources to be successful.

Our boss is a little different. He’s not a principal, nor does he wear a suit and tie. She doesn’t throw us a holiday party at the end of the year or cut out at lunch to golf for the rest of the day. Don’t get us wrong, our boss loves sports, but has to balance business as well. Our boss isn’t one person, but all of you.

All Winning Streak customers, and even potential customers, are our bosses. You let us know the type of quality embroidery expected for on your team jackets. You tell us which style of Adidas shirt your coaches prefer. And you let us know you’re keeping us on the job every time you answer a phone call, email or take the time to talk with one of our St. Louis Metro sales representatives. We want to make your business, our business.

End of the fiscal year; quarterly reports; year in review; prep work for the fall sporting schedule. . . Sounds familiar, right? A normal calendar year of events has nothing on the school year. In short nine months, teachers, coaches and administrators have to pack in over a dozen sports, additional clubs, holidays and academic activities.

Organization helps, but being ahead of the game makes all the difference. We’ve done the work, learned from our Adidas representatives and are ready to show you the new additions to our team. Meet with us today to get your order ready for fall.

Winning Streak . . . let us work for you!

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