Let’s Take a Moment to Give Women’s Wrestling it’s Due

Mehlville Wrestling

We’d like to take a moment to recognize some outstanding athletes. The Mehlville Women’s Wrestling team (pictured above) just wrapped up their season, and nine out of the seven ladies who took the challenge finished the season. Coach Joshua Bauer posted on Facebook that these pioneers have led others to want to join next season. Bauer hopes to get these athletes, including a three time Fargo All American, their rightful due in a sports media climate that pays little attention to wrestling.

Wrestling is one of, if not the, oldest sport on the planet. It’s requires superior physical conditioning and commitment. Athletes may joke about their conditioning against other sports, but when wrestling comes up in athletic circles, anyone who knows what they’re talking about gives massive respect to those athletes.

Unfortunately, as Coach Bauer said, wrestling is often ignored by the media. Sadly, women’s sports also get far less attention than they deserve. Not today. We’d like to take a moment to salute these athletes, and we hope that in the future sports fans and writers alike will do the same. Here’s to you, Mehlville High.

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