Losses Only Make A Winning Streak Feel Special

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Here we are at the end of May, and once again our Blues are out of the playoffs. This year was one of the better runs in recent memory. It ended on a blue note, as has every Blues season, but it was still a great run. That game six loss stung, and it will continue to sting. You know what didn’t sting? The two game seven wins that came before it. All the wins in the regular season. Those wins we felt so much stronger because of the losses that came before them. It’s the chicken or the egg; do wins feel amazing because they raise you up from the low of a loss, or do losses hurt so bad because they bring you down from the high of a win? A little of both perhaps? As Bane once said, there cannot be true despair without hope. You wouldn’t feel that sting without the hope you had at the start of this season, and that hope is still alive for next year. The way things usually go, a losing streak is followed by a Winning Streak.

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