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Starting a business means creating a to-do list longer than the Mississippi. For some, they’ve know exactly what they’ve wanted to do since the time they were 10 years old They’ve chosen the name, bought the domain and are ready to hang the sign on the storefront. And for others, it’s a daunting experience. They might start easy with an Etsy “storefront” and a Facebook page with hope of breaking even in their first year. It’s more about freedom than finance.

From the big picture to the minute details, there’s one part that often gets overlooked: corporate apparel. So the question shifts from “What to wear to work?” to “What to wear when you’re not at work?”

In the Office

If denim is allowed on a casual Friday, pair it with custom t-shirts with short or long sleeves with your logo screenprinted along the back

Out in the Field

Seasonal changes usually dictate our dress; but in almost every situation, khakis rule for men. Pair the perfect polo with the name of your business and web address in beautiful embroidery on the chest.

Representing at an Event

If you find yourself at a seminar out of town, pack clothes in an embroidered bag from our wide variety of luggage options

Entertaining Clients

The pressure to impress is on when you’re entertaining clients. You want to show them you’re proud of your business without shoving it in their faces. From dinner to a ballgame, they’ll remember a clever logo; let our in-house graphic artists work their magic to create a distinct design.

Corporate apparel isn’t only for those on the New York Stock Exchange. If you don’t know where to start, just contact one of our knowledgeable sales representative to walk you through the process.

So remember, Winning Streak isn’t only for the court or the field; bring us to the board room and let your business stand out.

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