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Do you strive to be your team’s MVP this year? What about the Employee of the Month at work? Or better yet, the Top Fundraiser for your school or organization? Winning Streak can make your dream a reality.

School starts soon, tryouts are a few weeks away, the new work schedule is coming out and the better part of summer is behind us. It’s time to look ahead and prepare for the challenges before you; but first, you have to recognize what they are. As you know, the best offense is a good defense. Don’t let someone else score first; strategize and put your plan into action.


The Challenge: Tryouts are in two weeks. Your summer routine has consisted of eating nachos by the pool, staying up late to play video games and sleeping through your morning workout. You need to get motivated and in shape – fast!

The Winning Streak Way: We don’t stop at making team jerseys and custom baseball caps; we scour the internet, and ask our favorite athletic directors and coaches, how to get fit. Check out our blogs on nutrition and works. Follow the Motivation board on Pinterest. Read the profiles on our leading Adidas athletes on Facebook and Twitter. Then get offline and in the gym.


The Challenge: You’re saving all your tip money from the lunch shift to buy a new car, but it’s never enough. You want to move to the manager position, but so does every bartender and cook. It’s a service industry, but you need to be business minded.

The Winning Streak Way: Reach out to one of our St. Louis Sales Representatives to find the top-selling custom shirts and gear that customers love. Create a custom embroidered design that promotes your business and creativity. Take the credit for the business increase and you’ll be making your own Manager’s shirt in no time. Bosses love it when you make their lives easier.


The Challenge: The principle has given you the go-ahead to create a spirit club to support girls athletics. Your goal is to raise $1,000 by Christmas Break, to replace old or broken equipment for the volleyball team and dance troupe. You need to set your agenda, gain followers, promote your cause and pick a name.

The Winning Streak Way: Design a custom t-shirt that does it all. An affordable, screen printed t-shirt gives your group a big profit margin. We can even provide you with a team store online! Just choose your gear, add a design, promote the link and watch the shirts fly on the presses! All you need to do next, is wait for us to send you a check. It’s that simple.

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