Musicians: Load Up Your Merch Table


As the unseasonably beautiful weather here in the St. Louis area can attest, it’s getting closer and closer to the warmth of spring and summer. That means that bars, saloons, coffee shops, roadhouses, and bistros all across the area will be opening their outdoor seating for the season. The extra seats to fill as well as extra space to work with makes this season a prime time for bands to book shows at venues that are typically hard to crack during fall and winter.

Bands looking to make the most of their bookings need to load the merch table with custom t-shirts.

Custom t-shirts are essential to bands looking to max out their earning potential at shows. Not only do you get the cash flow from selling the shirts, you can use the shirts to promote your social media accounts and grow your following. The most fans you have online, the more you can prove to venues that you have a following that will turn up. The more people you can drive to your shows, the more leverage you have to negotiate higher guarantees from venues. As you grow your brand, you can also use shirts as a gift to supporters of a crowdfunding campaign to bring your album to life.

Order custom t-shirts for your band before your booking schedule fills up. Call (888) 570-6194 or email today.

Winning Streak can keep your merch table stocked. Give us a call to shoot us an email today to talk to a member of our staff about custom t-shirts for your band. Better get a move on before your schedule tightens up. It’s amazing how easy it is to put off essential duties when the going gets busy. Procrastination creeps up on you.

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Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the latest news and updates from your custom t-shirt headquarters in the St. Louis metro area. When you get your order send us a picture and we’ll share it with our followers. A little free publicity can go a long way for your band.

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