Need a Uniform for No Pads Practice?

No Pads

Custom T-Shirts Are Affordable Option for No Pads Practice

The countdown to high school football season in the St. Louis metro area is on. We’re just a few short weeks away from the hiss of whistles and crack of pads. Well, a little longer on the pads part. You see, as we detailed recently, the governing bodies of Missouri and Illinois high school sports, the MSAAA and IHSA, respectively, have regulations in place for heat acclimatization that limits the use of pads early in the season. The idea is to introduce athletes to heat slowly, and allow them ample rest to keep them healthy. The result is several days of practice without pads. Many teams will also follow up games with no pad or half pad practices. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your players can’t be in uniform.

For days where your athletes will not be wearing pads, custom t-shirts area great alternative that will keep your team looking like a cohesive unit. Your team’s custom t-shirts can also be a uniform for your strength and conditioning days. When choosing your t-shirt style, consider a sleeveless t-shirt. They’re cool outdoors, and a favorite in the gym.

Winning Streak has over a decade of experience supplying local teams with top quality screen printing. We have our process down to a science and can turn orders around on a dime. Call (888) 570-6194, email, or get ahold of your local sales representative to get information on affordable t-shirt options for your team today.

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