Our Love Affair with Athletic Wear


Imagine it’s Friday.  You get up early in the morning to face the last day of the week. You shower, wash your hair, put on your clothes on, grab a coffee and out the door. Each day as routine as the last; each outfit as forgettable as the one before.  Even though you’re too old for a uniform, your work clothes are always the same: dress shirt, khakis or skirt, long socks or stockings, dress shoes or heels.  And ladies, you may change things up a bit with jewelry or the obligatory fall sweater, but for the most part, it’s the same.

After a long day at work, you come home and what’s the first thing you do? Kick off your shoes and get comfortable.  Why not, you learned it from watching Mr. Rogers.   America has an obsession –  outside of fast food and reality television – and it comes with the small price tag of comfort.  I’m talking about athletic wear.

Athletic apparel denotes a wide range of custom clothing items from yoga pants and sports bras to team jerseys and performance t-shirts.  What was once only found in team stores in accessible in big box stores nationwide. Yoga pants have made their way into the mainstream; athletic shirts with high-tech water resistance are good for any event from a golf outing to an evening dinner. America loves athletic apparel.

But unlike your work “uniform” that’s about as distinctive as a paper bag, athletic apparel know no limits to its customization.  And that’s where Winning Streak comes in . . . 

We have athletic apparel for your corporation, school, or community organization!  Let’s start with tops: anything from a tank top to a hoodie to a new T-shirt is welcome difference from the obligatory button up.  Make an upgrade to your loungewear; go from thick cotton to lightweight polyester. Run errands in figure flattering leggings or  open bottom pants with pockets. And we don’t stop there – hoodies for your top and long athletic socks for your bottom.  These looks can be formal enough for business, yet casual enough to wear outside of the office. 

No more ergonomic or orthopedic shoes either.  Try athletic footwear from Adidas; with high arches and shock support, your feet will float!

Stop restricting yourself, break out of the mold and get the personalized “after hours” look you’ve been craving with Winning Streak!

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