Pet Rescue T-Shirts That Can Make All the Difference


To those of you actively involved in pet rescue organizations: thank you. You are doing amazing work, and we salute you. What you do not only finds loving homes for vulnerable animals, but finds loving companions for humans. Whether you’re a shelter, a foster organization, or are just doing an adoption drive, here are a few ways custom pet rescue t-shirts can help your organization.

Shirts for Volunteers: Not only does ordering custom pet rescue t-shirts for your volunteers give them something to wear when volunteering, it gives them a gift of appreciation. The lifeblood of any charitable organization is the dedication of volunteers, so anything you can do is a nice gesture.

Gifts for Donors: You’ve certainly seen organizations that give away a free tote bag on TV before. A tote bag? Lame. Why not offer up a branded t-shirt from your rescue organization as a thank you to donors. Not only is it a better gift than a tote bag, but every time they wear their t-shirt out in public, you raise awareness for your group. Oh, and they will wear it out in public. As you know, there are few interests in the world that people are more passionate about than pets.

Once you know the goal of your shirts, you can narrow down how many you need and what kind of shirts you want. Are these going to be basic branded t-shirts or shirts for a specific event? Do you have an adoption drive you want to drum up interest for? What about giving custom hoodies to volunteers during cold months, or to good donors? All these are questions you should ask yourself.

As you’re figuring out what you need, consult our sales staff for guidance. Winning Streak’s professional, experienced staff take pride in their customer service and will work with you to find the best solution to your apparel needs. You can find your local sales representative here.

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