Quick Turnaround Makes for Happy Campers


Who doesn’t look forward to summer camp? Obviously, the kids look forward to the activities, friendship, and independence. Summer camp has a special place in many a child’s heart, and it will stay in that place for the rest of the child’s life. Ask anyone who has been to summer camp what the most vivid memories were they have from their youth, and chances are at least one summer camp experience will make the cut.

In many ways parents look forward to summer camp the same as the kids. Having the kids home for the summer is great…at first. Then come the phone calls during the day. “He won’t stop poking me.” “She won’t let me play xBox.” Worst of all, there’s the ever dreaded “I’m bored.” Summer camp lets mom and dad have a summer break too.

When the canoes are put up, the fires are put out, and the marshmallows are all gone, the one thing the campers get to take home besides the memories and macaroni pictures are custom t-shirts. When the time comes to outfit your campers, the only choice in the St. Louis metro area is Winning Streak. Our screen printing service is the perfect marriage of affordability and quality. Best of all? Speed. Speed. Speed.

Our blazing fast turnaround time make us the prime choice to save your hide if you get into a bit of a time management snafu. If you need your custom shirts quick, we have your back. Winning Streak’s expert team takes pride in speed and top-notch customer service. Our professionals will have your gear to you quickly, and if you aren’t satisfied with your order, we’ll correct it quickly.

It’s time to row, row, row your boat to Winning Streak and get your t-shirt needs filled before it’s time to break out the campfire stories. Find your local sales rep, email sales@winning-streak.com, or call (888) 570-6194 today.

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