Rec Leagues for Life: For the Love of the Game

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Sometimes, the need to produce, keeping up one’s profile, the stress of making money, or playing for a scholarship can put a damper on your love for sports. It can make it about everything BUT the game you love. The exact opposite of that feeling can be found in your local recreational league. There, all you win is honor (and/or a small prize) and all you have to loose is face and/or a modest entry fee. These leagues are first and foremost about fun.

For the love of the game.

If you play for the love of the game, whatever town or area you’re in you can find others who feel the same way. From local bars to your area’s ball diamonds, there are plenty of places to play. Softball, seven on seven, dodgeball if you’re lucky, darts, frisky golf, bowling…if a game or sport exists, there are people around ready to play it.

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